State Rules Regarding Online Continuing Education

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Online chiropractic continuing education classes have requirements that differ from state to state. In addition, each state has different policies regarding online hours that you will need to complete. Some states allow all the required Chiropractic CE hours to be obtained through online courses, some states only allow a portion of the required Chiropractic CE hours to be obtained online, and a few states have no online allowances. Some states only allow less than 25% of chiropractic continuing education classes to be done online.

Above, please find a listing of all the states that allow all or some of the required chiropractic CE hours to be obtained online. Once you have read the state requirements, you can view courses for your state and then begin your continuing education courses! Our continuing education platform makes it easier for you to find the courses you need and provide user-friendly navigation.

Our Chiropractic Continuing Education Classes Are Based On Individual State Policies

Here at DC Hours we customize our courses to meet the specific continuing education requirements of your state. Please click on a state below for specific information about online Chiropractic continuing education policies in that state. Registration is available from the state course listings.

Additional Resources We Provide

Every state page has a link to the website of the state’s chiropractic board. So if you have any additional questions about chiropractic continuing education in your state, we have access to all of the information you need.

As mentioned above, not every state offers the option to do your chiropractic continuing education classes online; therefore, we want to provide enough information about doing your classes online in case your state does.

Flexible Course Bundles

Dc Hours uses a flexible course catalog that allows you to choose your courses three different ways.

1) You can choose individual courses approved in your state.

2) You may choose to take advantage of our volume discount pricing by selecting multiple courses to create your own custom bundle.

3) You may choose from our pre-made custom bundles. Each custom bundle is designed to meet the specific requirements of your state and to save you money.

To get started, just click on one of the states at the bottom of the page, or to see our complete course catalog click on the button below.