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DC Hours courses are valid for six months from the date of purchase.

While some courses may remain valid beyond six months, we cannot guarantee this due to varying state-specific continuing education requirements and the regular updates made to our courses to ensure they align with current best practices and techniques.

We advise you to complete your courses within six months to ensure you receive the necessary credit for your continuing education requirements. If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the validity of a specific course, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

No, all courses are HTML5 based and will run in any browser without additional software.

Yes.  All courses are mobile friendly and can be viewed in standard smartphone browsers.

Go to the My Courses tab. Click on “Courses in Progress”.  Then scroll down and click on the course name that you would like to view.  On the next page click “open course” for the course to begin.

Yes, you can print all the course slides as well as any other related course materials such as forms, letters and articles related to the course. If you have problems printing the attachments, in most cases, it’s because you do not have the correct program on your computer.  All attachments are either in .doc or .pdf format. NOTE: you do not have to print the attachments to complete the course.

Yes, you may stop the course at any time and log out by clicking the “exit course” button located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. You may even log back in from another computer.When you log back in you will be asked if you want to start the presentation where it left off.  Click yes, to this question.  However, please note that if you did not log out of the course properly it will not matter if you click yes to this question or not.  The course will start you from the beginning and we cannot correct this.

Be sure to click the “exit course” button on the bottom right of your screen to exit the program.  Then close your browser and clean out your temporary internet file folder.  Once this is done log back onto the internet and the course should start you where you left off.

Yes, but the test questions allow you multiple attempts.

After you complete the course click on the My Certificates tab.  You will be permitted to print out the certificate directly from your computer.

Yes, to view the course again, click on the My Certificates tab and then click on the course name.  However, you will not be able to complete the course again once the certificate has been populated. You will have up to one year from date of registration to review the slides again.

For changes in demographic information, go to the My Profile tab.  Make any adjustments and then click the Apply button at the bottom of the screen for the change to take place.

Please contact us and we will resolve your password issue.

Yes, as long as it is in a different license renewal cycle you may receive credit for the same course.

Your account is created when you check out. First – click on course listings, then choose your state and select your courses. When you check out your account will be created.

Your username is always the email address that you signed up with and is automatically created by the software.  The software is set up so that your account is always associated with your username and therefore cannot be changed by you.  If you would like to change your username, please contact drguy@dchours.

As per State Board Requirements, all online courses must have a quiz at the end of the course.  If you take an online course from another provider, and there is no quiz at the end, then you may not get credit from your State Board for that course.  Our quizzes allow multiple attempts to get the question correct.

No you do not need a camera.  However, the state of Florida requires all licensees that take online courses to submit a photo ID before getting credit for the course.  If you are a Florida licensee, our platform will require you to submit a photograph of yourself before we are allowed to issue your course certificate.

If you already have an account with us, you will need to log into your account in order to purchase more courses and checkout.

Most login issues are due to using the user not inputting the correct username or password.  Please check your username and your password.  If you are still having an issue, please contact me at

Webinars are considered live online events.  They are approved for live credits in most states.  Webinars are presented at a specific date and time and cannot be viewed anytime because they are live and not recorded.  Webinars are considered Synchronous Learning courses.  On-demand courses are pre-recorded courses that can be viewed anytime.  They are considered Asynchronous Learning Courses.  Most states will accept on-demand, asynchronous learning courses for CE credit.  Please check with your State Board for details related to your state.

State Board prohibit this, therefore our platform does not allow it.  If you try to watch two courses at the same time you will be logged out of one of the courses.

No, you cannot re-watch the video after completing the course and earning your certificate.

However, most courses include slides that you can download and review at your leisure. These slides are available indefinitely in the “My Courses” section.

If a course has slides, you will see a “View Slides” button next to the course listing for easy access.

Yes, but only in those states that use CE Broker.  Currently those states include FL, SC, TN.  Also, to ensure that the correct information is being sent to CE Broker, you need to input your license number(s) correctly.

No.  Once you complete the course you will need to download your certificate and provide it to your State Board.  Some states only require submission of your certificate if you are audited.  Please check with your State Board.

Yes.  State Boards allow you to repeat the same course each renewal period.  Please note that you will only receive credit fore a repeated course if it is taken during different renewal periods.  For example: if your hours are due on 12/31/2021, you can take the same course on 12/30/2021 and 1/1/2022 because those are different renewal periods.

If you click on our Course Listings tab and then click on your state, you will be able to view the requirements of that state at the top of the page.  Under the requirements you will see all the courses that are approved in that state.

Don’t see the answer you need? Please reach out to us!