Dr. Guy Annunziata, DC

Dr. Guy Annunziata is a chiropractor with over 15 years of experience in neurofeedback. He is Board Certified in Neurofeedback and the founder of BrainCore Systems. He pioneered the introduction of neurofeedback into the chiropractic profession and currently consults with more than 250 BrainCore offices throughout the world. Dr. Annunziata is a certified BCIA mentor and provides monthly training sessions in the application of QEEG neurofeedback. He has extensive knowledge regarding the application of QEEG Brain Maps as they relate to many serious neurological conditions.

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  • November 11
    How to Optimize Memory and Focus

    How to Optimize Memory and Focus
    Presenter: Guy Annunziata  (Bio)

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    Date:November 11, 2021

    Time:1:00 pm EST

    Duration:50 HR


    Guy Annunziata

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