Dr. Dylan Foster

Dr. Dylan Foster, DC, PScD, CFMP, ONC.

Dr. Dylan Foster, DC, PScD, CFMP, ONC

Dr. Foster graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1997. He later got certified in Pastoral Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutritional Oncology.

Dr. Foster started up and ran a successful functional medicine clinic in Phoenix called Advanced Allergy Relief and Wellness Center for 13 years. He recently sold his clinic to an amazing Naturopathic Medical Doctor who will continue his trade.

This allowed Dr. Foster to be able focus on his new company called Post Chemo Nutrition. Using only 2 products, he is no longer limited to the Phoenix area, and can now help both cancer survivors and chronically ill people achieve better health and prevention on a national level.

Dr. Foster is extremely passionate about addressing the deepest foundational root cause of most health ailments, which he believes to be mitochondrial dysfunction and an overload of heavy metals and toxins.

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