I. Introduction (1st hour)
II. Current mental health statistics (1st hour)
III. The Brain – (2nd Hour)
I. Basic Brain Development
II. Neuroplasticty,
IV. How modern society negatively effects brain development
I. The HPA-Axis, Cortisol and its effects on brain development
II. Prenatal maternal stress (3rd hour)
III. At-home learning environments
IV. Social media
V. Video games
VI. More
V. How the chiropractor can help (4th Hour)
I. How the Adjustment affects brain function
II. Introduction to Neurofeedback Brainwave Training
i. Brainwaves simplified
ii. Brainwave Evaluation – the qEEG
iii. Brainwave Training
iv. Scientific literature and Case Presentations (5th Hour)
III. Understanding Brainwave Entrainment (6th hour)
IV. Essential Oils (6- Hour)