Credit Hours: 12

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BASIC CASE MANAGEMENT – Credit Hours: 1Risk Management

This course will provide you with the basic principles of case management. It will include discussion on evaluation, diagnosis, setting goals and treatments. As part of this course you will also be introduced to the use of outcome assessments.

BASIC MRI PART 2 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

The second part to this series will begin with a discussion regarding the multiplanar images of MRI, the shades of gray and the differences between T1 and T2 weighted images. We will then explore the special MRI studies that have been created to help identify different pathologies. This will include discussions on Fat Suppression, Contrast Enhanced and Functional MRI studies.

CHIROPRACTIC ETHICS – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will discuss personal, business, and professional ethics as they relate to chiropractic. We will review the ACA and ICA Code of Ethics. The course will also discuss, in detail the Informed Consent Doctrine and the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

CONDITIONS OF THE DISC PART 1 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This course will begin with a detailed discussion on the functional anatomy of the disc. This will include disc innervation, disc nutrition and structural composition. The course will continue with a discussion on the basic interpretation of MRI.

CONDITIONS OF THE DISC PART 2 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This course will begin with a short review of the basic aspects of MRI. The discussion will then continue with a detailed analysis of disc herniations and normal disc aging.

CONDITIONS OF THE DISC PART 3 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This is the last installment of a three part series. It will include a review of normal disc aging, a discussion on the differences between normal disc aging and degenerative disc disease, internal disc disruptions, and nerve in growth.

SPINAL PAIN SYNDROMES – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This course will present the clinical aspects of pain. You will learn about the differences between Sclerotogenous, Myofascial, Visceral and Neuropathic pain syndromes. This will include a review of the literature of Bogduk, Lord and Kuslich.

TRIGGER POINT THERAPY – Credit Hours: 2Clinical

This course will review the basic principles of trigger point therapy. We will focus on the theory and application of these procedures for myofascial release. Specific muscle referred pain patterns will be demonstrated as well as treatment procedures and adjunctive stretches

BASIC MRI PART 1 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

Although a detailed understanding of nuclear physics is not necessary to interpret MRI studies, chiropractors should have a solid understanding of the basic principles involved in producing MRI images. This course describes the basic fundamental principles shared by all MRI scanners.

BASIC MRI PART 3 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

In the third part of this series we will discuss the Contraindications to MRI, how to read an MRI report, the MRI appearance of DDD, Ligamentum Flavum Hypertrophy, Disc Herniations, Annular Tears and Post-disc Surgical cases.