Credit Hours: 12

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BASIC CASE MANAGEMENT – Credit Hours: 1Risk Management

This course will provide you with the basic principles of case management. It will include discussion on evaluation, diagnosis, setting goals and treatments. As part of this course you will also be introduced to the use of outcome assessments.

CHIROPRACTIC ETHICS – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will discuss personal, business, and professional ethics as they relate to chiropractic. We will review the ACA and ICA Code of Ethics. The course will also discuss, in detail the Informed Consent Doctrine and the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

DOCUMENTATION – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will provide you with the basic principles of documentation to establish medical necessity for the treatments you provide for your patients. In today’s healthcare environment more and more chiropractors are experiencing post payment audits. If an audit reveals that the medical necessity for the treatment was not supported in the notes, then the provider is required to refund the insurance company. This course will give you all the necessary forms and concepts to protect you from these audits.

HEALTHCARE COMPLIANCE – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will introduce you to the concept of Healthcare Compliance. We will begin with a discussion on implementing a healthcare compliance program in your office including the seven basic elements of a compliance program. The course will then provide a detailed summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule formulating all the components to help you formulate your own HIPAA compliance program for your office.


This course will cover some of the basic principles of New York State Law as it pertains to the practice of Chiropractic. This will include a detailed discussion on what constitutes “unprofessional conduct”. Then, we will examine the Stark Law, Anti-kickback Law, and ERISA Law.

PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES – Credit Hours: 1Risk Management

This 1-hour course is designed to meet the Professional Boundaries” continuing education requirements for State Board license renewal.”

SEXUAL BOUNDARIES – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will include discussions regarding Professional Boundaries Defined, The Basis for the Doctor / Patient Relationship, Transference / Counter-transference, Terminology Associated with Sexual Misconduct, Boundary Violation vs. Boundary Crossing Case studies Doctor Profiles Caution Signs Guidelines for Prevention

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