Low Tech Office Rehab for Posture Correction

Credit Hours: 2


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193 in stock


The principles of active care for patients in the acute, sub-acute and rehabilitative phases of care will be presented. Beyond the acute phase of care many patients have postural imbalances that predispose them for recurrence. This virtual class will address the correction of common postural imbalances defined by Janda as the Upper Crossed and Lower Crossed Distortion Models. First Hour: Anterior Head Carriage, Tech Neck and Janda’s Upper Crossed Postural Distortion will be addressed and corrective exercises and procedures to correct. Second Hour: Lumbar hyperlordosis and Janda’s Lower Crossed Postural Distortion of the lumbo-pelvic hip complex (sway back) will be presented with the active procedures used in office for correction. Learning Principles: The clinician will be able to assess and treat with active care the common postural imbalances that present in our offices with low tech rehab. The clinician will also be able to instruct the patient’s in the proper home care exercises for long term correction.

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