How to Write a Nexus Letter for a Veteran

Credit Hours: 1



COURSE GOALS: Know the purpose and process How do you make this service available and get referrals? What questions should I ask the Veteran? How do I write the report? What happens afterward? PROCESS: How you will get a referral, screening and acceptance, review of records, reporting writing, delivery of report and follow-up. REFERALS: How to generate referrals and build relationships MONEY: Discussion on how to determine what to charge and when to ask for funds QUESTIONS TO ASK THE VETERAN/ATTORNEY How to gather relevant information and stay focused. REPORT How to write the report efficiently and effectively. IMPAIRMENT RATING Don’t make a military impairment rating REFERANCES What makes a good reference and where to look. DELIVERY Putting the report all-together and how to follow up afterward. REVIEW Review of actual Nexus letter.  

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