Hour 1
We discuss what exactly the subluxation, its many definitions (nearly 300)and why it cannot be simply defined. The limits of our observation and how this relates to the concept of heuristic devices that are used in biology, psychiatry, physics and philosophy. Examples from the above fields of study are given and discussed. Why do we need theories and mechanisms? Is the theory the fact? Attacking the theory of Chiropractic with examples.
Hour 2
Is Chiropractic based on theory of observation? The differences between Vitalism/Empiricism and mechanism/rationalism. Is modern science based on faith? What is the goal of the vitalist and the goal of the mechanist? The Law of Cure (Herring’s Law) and how it relates to expressive vs suppressive healing and how it relates to Chronic and acute illnesses. How do we attempt to locate and analyze the subluxation? What tools do we use? What is their purpose? How do we know if a subluxation has been corrected? Binary biofeedback devices and Chiropractic and their use in empirical healing. Einstein’s observations and the physics of resonance. What are the mechanisms? How does this relate to non-local healing and Chiropractic technique?