Credit Hours: 6

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CHIROPRACTIC ETHICS – Credit Hours: 2Risk Management

This course will discuss personal, business, and professional ethics as they relate to chiropractic. We will review the ACA and ICA Code of Ethics. The course will also discuss, in detail the Informed Consent Doctrine and the difference between an independent contractor and an employee.

FUNCTION BASED CARE PART 1 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This course is designed to instruct physicians on the basic principles of function based care. It will include a discussion on how to demonstrate medical necessity for function based care, how to perform physical capacity tests, and how to prescribe specific exercises related to the patient’s ability to perform those tests.

FUNCTION BASED CARE PART 2 – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

Part 2 of Function Based Care picks up with Neuromuscular Re-education. In this course we will discuss the theory of this treatment as well as how to demonstrate medical necessity for these exercises. This course will also discuss stretching exercises and postural correction exercises.

PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES – Credit Hours: 1Risk Management

This 1-hour course is designed to meet the Professional Boundaries” continuing education requirements for State Board license renewal.”

SPINAL DECOMPRESSION – Credit Hours: 1Clinical

This course will expose many of the lies and exaggerations that many of the decompression table manufacturers have been telling us. During this hour we will examine spinal decompression therapy through and objective review of the medical and chiropractic literature regarding its efficacy.

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