Learning Objectives:
1) Identify the principle components chiropractic compliance as it relates recordkeeping, risk management, Medicare and HIPAA.
2) Correlate the importance of medical necessity and how to identify potential errors in chiropractic patient records.
3) Understand the ICD-10 documentation requirements as it relates to chiropractic recordkeeping and risk management.

Hour 1
•Chiropractic evaluation and management
•The new evaluation and management guidelines
•Clinical decision-making vs time components
Hour 2
•The most common chiropractic ICD-10 codes
•Chiropractic manipulative therapy
•Supervised & constant attendance modalities
•Therapeutic procedures
Hour 3
•Medicare chiropractic guidelines
•P.A.R.T. examination
•The new Medicare ABN form
•OIG recommended policies and procedures
Hour 4
•The basics of HIPAA for chiropractic
•Chiropractic S.O.A.P. notes