State Rules Regarding Online CE & Course Listings
PACE Approved


Illinois Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements
Illinois requires 150 hours of CE every 3 years. A minimum of 60 hours of the required 150 hours needs to be in Type 1 or Formal category. A maximum of 90 hours of the required 150 hours needs to be in Type 2 or Informal category.  All internet based courses listed on this site are considered Type 1 or Formal hours by the State of Illinois.

Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Policies for Illinois
Illinois allows all of the required 150 hours to be obtained online.

All internet based courses offered in Illinois are sponsored by Life University.

Flexible Course Bundles

Dc Hours uses a flexible course catalog that allows you to choose your courses three different ways.
1) You can choose individual courses approved in your state.
2) You may choose to take advantage of our volume discount pricing by selecting multiple courses to create your own custom bundle.
3) You may choose from our pre-made custom bundles. Each custom bundle is designed to meet the specific requirements of your state and to save you money.
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