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Connecticut Chiropractic Continuing Education Requirements

Connecticut requires 48 hours of CE per every 2 year renewal period. Connecticut requires each licensee take 1 hour of Ethics, 1 hour Informed Consent/Patient Communications, 1 hour Risk Management, and 1 hour CT Law and Regulations.

NEW REQUIREMENT:  On and after January 1, 2016, not less than two contact hours of training or education during the first renewal period in which continuing education is required and not less than once every six years thereafter on the topic of mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans.

Online Chiropractic Continuing Education Policies for Connecticut
Connecticut allows all of the 48 required hours to be obtained on line.

DC Hours Prices
1-Hour = $20
2-Hour = $30
12-Hour = $179

All internet based courses offered in Connecticut are co-sponsored by Life University.

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